call out of one's name

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call out of one's name (third-person singular simple present calls out of one's name, present participle calling out of one's name, simple past and past participle called out of one's name)

  1. (now chiefly African-American Vernacular, formerly more widespread) To swear at (someone); to curse out.
    • 1832, Henry Fielding, The Adventures of Joseph Andrews, page 66:
      'Get out of my house, you wh—e!' to which she added another name, which we do not care to stain our paper with: it was a monosyllable beginning with a b—[. ... Betty replied] 'I am a woman as well as yourself,' she roared out, 'and no she-dog; and if I have been a little naughty, I am not the first; if I have been no better than I should he,' cries she, sobbing, 'that's no reason you should call me out of my name.'
    • 2006, Tamika Bafo, The Story of Lucifer's Daughter, page 15:
      He was the same man that called her out of her name.
    • 2011, David L. Cook, The History of America, →ISBN, page 31:
      When the white society would call you all kind of name and you say to yourself 'I am only a child why are they calling me out of my name.'
    • 2015, Jazz Jordan, Lust & Hip Hop 3 (The Ms. Mogul Series) →ISBN:
      “You're one crazy bitch. You know that? I gave you everything and then some, and you're gonna play me like this?” Shontay cut her eyes at him. “I can't believe you had the nerve to call me out of my name."

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