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From Ancient Greek κάλλος (kállos, beauty) + πυγή (pugḗ, buttocks) + -ous


  • (UK) IPA(key): /kalɪˈpɪdʒəs/, /kalɪˈpʌɪɡəs/
  • (US) IPA(key): /ˌkæl.ɪˈpɪ.dʒəs/, /kæləˈpaɪɡəs/
  • (file)


callipygous (comparative more callipygous, superlative most callipygous)

  1. Having shapely, beautiful buttocks.
    • 1928, Aldous Huxley, chapter VII, in Point Counter Point, page 88:
      One does not fall very desperately in love with a loud speaker, however pretty, however firmly plump (for Philip's tastes were rather old-fashioned), however attractively callipygous.
    • 1961, Joseph Heller, Catch-22:
      He enjoyed Nurse Sue Ann Duckett’s long white legs and supple, callipygous ass; he often neglected to remember that she was quite slim and fragile from the waist up and hurt her unintentionally in moments of passion when he hugged her too roughly.
    • 1976, Samuel R. Delany, Triton, Bantam Books, →ISBN, page 105:
      The other hand came up and together they described a near callipygous shape.



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