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From Old Galician and Old Portuguese candea, from Latin candēla. Doublet of candil.

Cognate with Portuguese candeia and Spanish candela.



candea f (plural candeas)

  1. candle
    Synonym: estadal
  2. catkin
    Synonym: amento
  3. tassel (of corn)
  4. icicle
    Synonyms: carambelo, carambo, caramelo

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Old Portuguese[edit]


From Latin candēla. Cognate with Old Spanish candela.



candea f

  1. candle, votive candle
    • 13th century, attributed to Alfonso X of Castile, Cantigas de Santa Maria, To codex, cantiga 8 (facsimile):
      Eſta oitaua é como ſ(ant)a maria fez en rocamador decẽder vã cãdea na uiola do iograr q̇ cãtaua entela.
      This eighth (song is about) how in Rocamadour, Holy Mary caused a candle to descend to the fiddle of a minstrel who was singing before Her.


Derived terms[edit]


  • Galician: candea
  • Portuguese: candeia (see there for further descendants)