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Borrowed from Russian карболи́т (karbolít), from карбо́ловая кислота́ (karbólovaja kislotá, carbolic acid).


carbolite (uncountable)

  1. A phenol formaldehyde resin analogous to Bakelite used in the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union
    • 1930, James Gerald Crowther, Science in Soviet Russia, page 67
      Bakelite is made from a basic concentrate, whereas they have made a material called “carbolite” from acid concentrates.
    • 1932, Georgi Petroff, US Patent 1,865,586
      The present invention relates to a process for the colouring and protection against atmospheric influences of various plastic, infusible and insoluble condensation products of phenols and aldehydes, obtained by pressing and moulding, or of these condensation products with various inorganic filling substances, such as for example bakelite, carbolite, resite or the like.