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carbomonoxyhaemoglobin (uncountable)

  1. Alternative spelling of carbomonoxyhemoglobin
    • 1953, Pediatria. revista
      On the ground of new performed researches on the carbomonoxyhaemoglobin of two cases of thalassaemia minor observed in children and of two other cases of Cooley's disease the A. confirm the results of his earlier investigations on the electrophoretic behaviour of the haemoglobin of subjects suffering from mediterranean disorder.
    • 1971, Kaj Gert Jensen, Sven-Aage Killmann, Series Haematologica [New Series]
      The spectral changes of carbomonoxyhaemoglobin in the visible range of the spectrum are characterized by a new absorption band at about 500 nm and a second band between 600 and 640 nm.
    • 1989, L. D. Field, S. Sternhell, Analytical NMR, Wiley
      Oxy- and carbomonoxyhaemoglobin are diamagnetic whereas deoxy- and methaemoglobin are paramagnetic.
    • 2012, G.M. Woerlee, Common Perioperative Problems and the Anaesthetist, Springer Science & Business Media (→ISBN), page 210
      A carbomonoxyhaemoglobin concentration of as little as 4.5% can cause a significant reduction of the myocardial work level at which angina pectoris occurs in patients with severe coronary vascular disease.