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carburettor (plural carburettors)

  1. (automotive, Australia, New Zealand, Britain) Alternative spelling of carburetor (device in an internal combustion engine)
    • 2005, Mick Walker, How to Restore Your BMW Twin 1955-1985[1], page 92:
      Both affect the performance of the machine, especially the carburettors, and both are important to the final appearance of the model.
    • 2008, Daniel Stapleton, David Vizard, John Sprinzel, The MG Midget & Austin Healey Sprite High Performance Manual, page 36,
      In a carburettor the pressure drop (or viewed another way, suction) is used to draw fuel out of a reservoir, usually via a jet, and into the venturi to mix with the air flowing through it.
    • 2011, Allan Bonnick, A Practical Approach to Motor Vehicle Engineering and Maintenance[2], page 81:
      For a large part of the twentieth century the majority of light vehicles used petrol engines that were equipped with a carburettor.