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carmel +‎ -ize


carmelize (third-person singular simple present carmelizes, present participle carmelizing, simple past and past participle carmelized)

  1. (US) Alternative form of caramelize
    • 1899, Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the New York State Agricultural Society, 1899, p. 655:
      The flour will carmelize in this way just as the sugar carmelizes: that is, a change will take place.
    • 2002, Joy Bauer, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Total Nutrition, page 156:
      Carmelize onions; in a large nonstick saute pan, heat oil and add onions.
    • 2010, Justine Rude, The Washington Post, 9 Aug 2010:
      Your choice of bulgogi steak, tangy chicken or carmelized tofu with one of two slaws in a corn tortilla and topped with siracha sauce, lime crema, cilantro and sesame seeds.