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casuistic +‎ -ally


casuistically (comparative more casuistically, superlative most casuistically)

  1. (manner) Using casuistry or casuistics.
    He approached the moral dilemma casuistically, not abstractly from first principles.
  2. (domain) From the perspective of casuistics or casuistry.
    • 1967, Satyananda, World ethics:
      Those ideals are casuistically the best whose realisations lead to least number of other ideals sacrificed.
    • 1978, Philip E. Devine, (Please provide the book title or journal name):
      Rule-utilitarian arguments — arguments that proceed from the consequences of our moral rules rather than of our individual acts — are casuistically very powerful.
    • 1987, Harold Bloom, William Shakespeare's measure for measure:
      She would then be — casuistically, I suppose, and legally, without doubt — worse off than the seduced Isabella: for Isabella would have submitted to Angelo without consent of the will
    • 2006, Inazo Nitob, Bushido, the Soul of Japan, page 22:
      Critics may point out flaws in this story, which is casuistically vulnerable