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catalog (plural catalogs)

  1. (US, Canada) Alternative spelling of catalogue
  2. A book printed and distributed periodically by a merchandising firm containing pictures and descriptions of merchandise offered for sale, as well as an order form for ordering such merchandise by mail.
  3. A book printed periodically by a college, university, or other institution that gives definitive descriptions of the institution, its history, courses and degrees offered, etc.
  4. A complete list of a recording artist's songs.

Usage notes[edit]

In both the US and Canada, both catalog and catalogue are used, with catalogue commonly used in government and traditional institutions and catalog commonly used in informal, business, retail, and computing contexts.

Derived terms[edit]

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catalog (third-person singular simple present catalogs, present participle cataloging, simple past and past participle cataloged)

  1. Alternative spelling of catalogue

Scottish Gaelic[edit]


catalog m (genitive cataloig, plural catalogan)

  1. catalogue