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From Latin cedrus, +‎ -ous.


cedrous (not comparable)

  1. Of, or relating to, trees in the genus Cedrus of the plant family Pinaceae.
    • 1890, Sophia Lydia Walters, Lostara: A Poem:
      Of cedrous trees and sapphire blocks built high, whereon are graved, by deft and loving hands, true likenesses of all who therein keep their standards; it is full of winding ways.
    • 1947, Country Life, Volume 101
      The cedars of shingles and the familiar wooden houses is yet another non-cedrous species, Thuya plicala — much nearer to a cypress than a cedar and quite different from the Thuya of antique veneers.
    • 1957, Haymarket Publishing, Gardeners' Chronicle, Horticultural Trade Journal, Volume 142
      Visitors to the famous arboretum at Westonbirt, Gloucestershire, may care to be reminded that there is an attractive middle-aged group of this non-cedrous cedar there.