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  1. (Scotland, obsolete) certes; verily
    • 1857, Various, The Modern Scottish Minstrel, Volume VI[1]:
      Weel, lassie, walk ye by the burn, And walk ye slow and sly; My certie! weel ye ken the gate That Geordie Young comes by!
    • 1828, David Macbeth Moir, The Life of Mansie Wauch[2]:
      Englishmen, for instance, will say that I am a bad speller, and that my language is kittle; and such of the Irishers as can read, will be threaping that I have abused their precious country; but, my certie, instead of blaming me for letting out what I could not deny, they must just learn to behave themselves better when they come to see us, or bide at home.