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Ancient Greek (Paracelsian) chaos, "the atmosphere".


chaomancy (uncountable)

  1. Divination by aerial visions. A form of aeromancy.
    • 1650 French tr. Paracelsus Nine Books Of the Nature of Things (1674) ix.
      Chaomancy shews its Signs by the Stars of the Air and Wind, by the discolouring, destroying of all tender and subtil things ... If the Stars of Chaomancy are moved, Spirits fall from the superiour Air, and Voices and Answers were often heard ... There are seen Hobgoblins, Household Gods, airy Spirits, and Woodmen, &c. also a heavenly Dew and Manna falls upon Trees and Herbs.
    • 1908 Funk & Wagnalls Standard Dict. i.
      chaomancy...Fortune-telling by aerial apparitions.