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From Spanish


chaparejos pl (plural only)

  1. chaps (trousers)
    • 1920, Jackson Gregory, Man to Man[1]:
      In the store the long shelves upon one side held dry-goods, while upon the opposite shelves a miscellany of groceries was displayed; toward the rear was the storekeeper's assortment of hardware near a counter piled high with sweaters, boots, chaparejos, all jumbled hopelessly.
    • 1911, Thomas Carson, Ranching, Sport and Travel[2]:
      To protect our legs we wore over the trousers heavy leather chaparejos, sometimes of bear or buffalo hide.
    • 1910, Edgar Beecher Bronson, The Red-Blooded Heroes of the Frontier[3]:
      Lean, wiry, bronzed men, their legs cased in leather chaparejos, with small boots, high heels, and great spurs, they were, despite their loose, slouchy seat, the best rough-riders in the world.
    • 1905, Will Lillibridge, Ben Blair[4]:
      What he saw was a tall slim young man, in chaparejos and sombrero, the inevitable "repeater" at his hip, solitarily engaged in the process of breaking a bronco.