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characteriological (comparative more characteriological, superlative most characteriological)

  1. Of or relating to characteriology.
    • 1913, Albert Gallatin Love, Merritte Weber Ireland, Physical Examination of the First Million Draft Recruits: Methods and Results, p. 153:
      [H]is is a make-up tending to early arterial changes, and his characteriological traits will undoubtedly be accentuated thereby.
    • 1923, Ernest Bryant Hoag, et al, Crime, Abnormal Minds and the Law, p 169:
      [A] constantly recurring number of offenses in the in the same individuals (the recidivists), for the rather obvious reason that no characteriological or true sociological study has ever been attempted.
    • 1959, Joseph L. French, Educating the Gifted: A Book of Readings, page 513:
      Students with characteriological disorders should not be admitted.
    • 1997, Hans J. Eysenck, Dimensions of Personality, page 215:
      It appears likely, therefore, that "lack of conformity" may in some measure be related to temperamental or characteriological features of the personality.
    • 2005, James E. Gunn, Matthew Candelaria, Speculations on Speculation: Theories of Science Fiction, p. 143:
      Extrapolative elements, cultural interface, characteriological attempt to resolve the conflicts between the two: this is science fiction.

Derived terms[edit]