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Etymology 1[edit]

charm +‎ -est (suffix forming archaic second-person singular present tense)



  1. (archaic) second-person singular simple present form of charm

Etymology 2[edit]

charming +‎ -est (suffix forming archaic second-person singular present tense)



  1. (nonstandard) superlative form of charming: most charming
    • 1993 March 3, Diana M Doan, “FYI Height Really Does Matter”, in soc.culture.vietnamese, Usenet[1]:
      But I have to say that I am NOT the prettiest, smartest and charmest girl you'll meet.
    • 1996 May 28, "somebody", “Top 10 VC and the others”, in, Usenet[2]:
      I guess nobody would deny Brahm's D Major (Oistrakh/Klempere or Heifetz/Reiner or Zukerman/Mehta), or the charmest Bruch's G minor (Heifetz/Sargent or Zukerman/Mehta).
    • 1997 January 20, David Suarez de Lis, “USS EXCALIBUR: GAMMA encounters...”, in alt.starfleet.rpg, Usenet[3]:
      Meanwhile you follow this rules, Titi will be the charmest friend youl have.
Usage notes[edit]
  • The standard superlative of "charming" is "most charming"