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cheche ‎(plural cheches)

  1. A piece of clothing used commonly in blazing hot deserts to protect oneself from the sun or sandstorms.
    • 1999. Martin Windrow, French Foreign Legion 1914-1945, Osprey Publishing, page 43:
      A pale khaki cheche or desert scarf became popular, worn in various ways at the commander's whim - either looped round the neck, crossed on the chest, or wrapped all around the head and neck...
    • 2003. "Outside" Magazine. Outside 25: Classic Tales and New Voices from the Frontiers of Adventure, W. W. Norton & Company, page 14:
      Mossa scrawled his name, pulled his cheche down over his mouth, and actually smiled. ... I wore a blue cheche to filter sand out of the air I was breathing.



cheche ‎(using Unified Alphabet)

  1. maternal grandfather



cheche (ma class, plural macheche)

  1. spark