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check off (third-person singular simple present checks off, present participle checking off, simple past and past participle checked off)

  1. (US, often used without "off") To mark items on a list (with a checkmark or by crossing them out) that have been chosen for keeping or removal or that have been dealt with (for example, completed or verified as correct or satisfactory); to tick off (UK), tick (UK), cross off, strike off.
    Check off the items on the list that interest you.
    Check off the items that you've checked (inspected).
    Check off the correct answer to each question.
    I completed the task, please check me off the list.
  2. To carry out a decision recorded through the process of checking off an item on a list, including dealing with it, removing it from the possible choices, or removing the not checked items from further consideration.
  3. To deduct union members' dues from their wages.