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chernozem +‎ -ic


chernozemic (comparative more chernozemic, superlative most chernozemic)

  1. (soil science) Being or containing chernozem.
    chernozemic soils
    • 1932, Bulletin, volume 13-16, American Soil Survey Association, page 53:
      The term "chernozemic" is a new word suggested by Dr. Nikiforoff. There seems to be a need for a term which will have the same relation to chernozem as podzolic has to podzol.
    • 1971 December 1, SU Khan, “Distribution and characteristics of organic matter extracted from the black solonetzic and black chernozemic soils of Alberta”, in Soil Science, volume 112, number 6, page 401:
      They have a dark upper A horizon that usually contains approximately the same amount of organic matter as the geographically associated chernozemic soils.
    • 1982, Philip W Goetz, editor, The New Encyclopaedia Britannica, page 1026:
      The most important chernozemic regions of the world are the Danube Basin and the southern Soviet Union in Eurasia, the Great Plains of the United States and the zemic prairies of Canada, and the Pampas region of Argentina.
    • 1999 July 1, M. W. I. Schmidt, “Charred organic carbon in German chernozemic soils”, in European Journal of Soil Science, abstract:
      All these soils have chernozemic soil properties (dark colour, A–C profile, high base saturation, bioturbation).

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