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Alternative forms[edit]


child-fucker (plural child-fuckers)

  1. (literally, vulgar) One who engages in sex with a child, pedophile.
    • 1975, Martínez, Al, Jigsaw John[1], J. P. Tarcher, →ISBN, LCCN 75005303, OCLC 1575855:
      The woman got a license number, child-fucker.
    • 2005, Patterson, Randall, The Book of the Lam, Lincoln: iUniverse, →ISBN, OL 7558445M, pages 55-56:
      Next article: A man held in custody for questioning about some kind of child pornography ring has sought to lessen charges in exchange for information about the man wanted in the Tire-Iron Murders of late. Apparently the dirty rotten goddamn low-life scumbag child-fucker was a member of the massive audience who witnessed my little cameo.
    • 2008, Golden, Christopher, “Venus and Mars”, in Cavelos, Jeanne, editors, The Many Faces of Van Helsing, Penguin, →ISBN, page 83:
      The corpse of the freak, the child-fucker, the monster, slipped to the floor with a wet smack.
  2. (strongly vulgar, offensive) An extremely contemptible person (as a term of abuse).
    • 1996, Miller, Stephen D., editor, Partings At Dawn: An Anthology of Japanese Gay Literature[2], San Francisco: Gay Sunshine Press, →ISBN, LCCN 96000250, OCLC 34149883, OL 8420824M, page 284:
      Lech, slut, cunt, child-fucker, piece of shit. . . . Whatever he could think of he called me.

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