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chiliaëdron (plural not attested)

  1. Rare spelling of chiliahedron.
    • 1689–1700, John Locke, An Eſſay Concerning Humane Underſtanding (fourth edition, 1700), book II, chapter xxix, § 13, page 204:
      In a Man who ſpeaks of a Chiliaëdron, or a Body of a thouſand ſides, the Idea of the Figure may be very confuſed, though that of the Number be very diſtinct; ſo that he being able to diſcourſe, and demonſtrate concerning that part of his complex Idea, which depends upon the Number of a Thouſand, he is apt to think, he has a diſtinct Idea of a Chiliaëdron; though it be plain, he has no preciſe Idea of its Figure, ſo as to diſtinguiſh it, by that, from one that has but 999 ſides.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:chiliaëdron.