chilli crab

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Alternative forms[edit]


Compound noun formed with English elements, chilli + crab.



chilli crab (countable and uncountable, plural chilli crabs)

  1. (chiefly Singapore, Malaysia) A dish originated and popularized in Singapore, made up of stir-fried crab cooked in a semi-thick sweet and savoury tomato- and chilli-based sauce.
    • 2000, Ong Wan Shu, The Straits Times, 23 Nov
      Mr Lim’s family lays claim to being the first to invent chilli crab here in 1956.
    • 2003, Su-Lyn Tan, World Food Malaysia & Singapore, page 55:
      But for that special meal, Singapore chilli crab (spicy chilli and tomato-based crab stir-fry dish; see the recipe), black pepper crab (sweet and spicy chilli and black pepper-based stir fry dish) or simple steamed crab (all using mud crab) are much-loved treats.
    • 2015, The Business Times, 7 Feb
      The list that emerged was intriguing - durians, chilli crab, Electronic Road Pricing (ERP), parking coupons, memorable Singlish words like "chope" and "lah", "uncles" and "aunties", "mama shop".