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chimp +‎ out


chimpout (plural chimpouts)

  1. (slang, derogatory, offensive, ethnic slur) An aggressive or violent outburst by a black person.
    • 2012, "Carolina Reb", Re: Re2 - Tuesday's Gone (on newsgroup soc.culture.israel)
      They are just chimps...doing chimpouts..none of it would be possible without the Jews.
    • 2014, "Jesse", Re: Police Officer Shot In Ferguson, Missouri (on newsgroup uk.current-events.terrorism)
      Sickening state of affairs, just wait until the cop is cleared, there will be murderous chimpouts on an epic scale []
    • 2015, "Byker", South Africa: Total chimpout in progress (on newsgroup soc.culture.african.american)
      Although it has been given little publicity, a massive chimpout is in progress in South Africa right now. Bantus are lashing out at other African immigrants from Somalia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and other places.