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chirpse (third-person singular simple present chirpses, present participle chirpsing, simple past and past participle chirpsed)

  1. (slang, transitive, Multicultural London English) To flirt with; to chat up.
    • 2004, Enakhe O, Who Is My Brother's Keeper?, page 115:
      Anthony could only laugh as he watched Jayden get into his now familiar chirpse mode and watched as he slid over to the end of the bar, where his next conquest was sitting.
    • 2009, Na'ima B. Robert, From Somalia with Love, page 111:
      You know that it ain't allowed and, besides, if I ever catch a guy trying to mess with you, I'll kill him, OK? No man's gonna be chirpsing my sister cos all of them got sick, dirty minds.
    • 2009, Diana Evans, 26a, page 113:
      The main reason he felt he had to make it clear to Errol that he wanted her was that she was the one who'd seen them on the bus and she would be the easiest to chirpse.
    • 2011, Alex Wheatle, The Dirty South, page 32:
      The only problem was, I didn't like the grime and the grease and I was always paranoid about that garage smell when I chilled in the evenings and chirpsed chicks.