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choeur m (plural choeurs)

  1. Nonstandard spelling of chœur.
    • December 14 2012, Le Nouvel Observateur, Avec mon père, ça dure depuis 15 ans. On est amoureux, Doan Bui
      Les enfants, aujourd'hui, le répètent en choeur : "papa" était sévère, donnait quelques torgnoles, mais cela leur a permis de "marcher droit".
      The children today repeat like a choir 'dad' was harsh with us, gave us a few wallops but it was that that allowed us to 'stay on the right path'.

Usage notes[edit]

  • The œ ligature is often replaced in contemporary French with oe (the œ character does not appear on AZERTY keyboards), but this is nonstandard.


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