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A choropleth map showing Global Militarization Index (relative weight and importance of the military apparatus)


From Ancient Greek χώρα ‎(khṓra, location) + πλῆθος ‎(plêthos, a great number) + English map. First used in 1938 as choroplethe map, by American geographer John Kirtland Wright, although maps of the type have been used since the early 19th century.



choropleth map ‎(plural choropleth maps)

  1. A thematic map in which the distribution of some property is shown using different colours.
    • 1999, Jeffery T. Walker, Statistics in Criminal Justice: Analysis and Interpretation, page 66,
      The scale and unit of analysis for choropleth maps depends upon the area to be mapped.
    • 2004, Gerald R. Pitzl, Encyclopedia of Human Geography, page 29,
      The choropleth map, which shows distributions by area, is one of the most frequently used maps in geography.
    • 2013, Ian Muehlenhaus, Web Cartography: Map Design for Interactive and Mobile Devices, page 147,
      As the Mercator is to Web projections, choropleth maps are to thematic cartography (i.e., they are overused).


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