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chow +‎ hound


chowhound (plural chowhounds)

  1. (slang) A foodie or glutton.
    • 1958, Power
      Fortunately for me, I'm one of those people who can be a chowhound and never have to worry about putting on weight.
    • 1988, Marion Meade, Dorothy Parker: what fresh hell is this?
      There was no danger of a chowhound like Rags starving himself in her absence, but she feared he might pine away and be gone when she returned.
    • 2001, Donald F Sabo, Terry Allen Kupers, Willie James London, Prison masculinities
      Besides being one of the most dangerous and feared guys on the yard, Roscoe is also a chowhound. He would kill for a can of ham []
    • 2007 January 16, Karla Cook, “The Food Connection”, in New York Times[1]:
      One in 10 people is a chowhound, a person who is on a passionate search for quality, he says.