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chuck in (third-person singular simple present chucks in, present participle chucking in, simple past and past participle chucked in)

  1. (idiomatic, transitive) to give up, to quit
    1995, Miranda Lee - Marriage in Jeopardy
    Blake shocked everyone by chucking in his job, selling his flat and returning home to take up the flagging reins of the family company.
    28 May 2000, St. Petersburg Times - The good and the bad of Spanish travel writing Series: BOOKS
    Rather he gives a convincing impression of someone who wants to chuck in his old life in England and build a new life, not just a summer villa,
    2009, Adam Shand - The skull: informers, hit men and Australia's toughest cop
    So in February 1987, when a colleague suggested it was time to chuck it in, Murphy agreed without emotion. Members who had reached the age of fifty-five or had thirty years of service could now take an early retirement