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cinema +‎ -ology


cinemology (uncountable)

  1. The study of film.
    • 1971, The New York Times Book Review, volume 76, page 42:
      Without sinking into fens of cinemology, which properly belong in another section of this wilderness, one can say for openers that all three critics cross lines continuously in practice.
    • 1973, Maureen Turim, “The Aesthetic Becomes Political: A History of Film Criticism in Cahiers du cinéma”, in The Velvet Light Trap, volume 9, number 13:
      Debate must take the shape, to use the current jargon, of "meta-cinemology," a discussion of the approach to film itself, above and beyond the discussion of films.
    • 2016 July 22, Victoria Dmitrieva, Dana Namdi, “Using cinemology in psychological practice”, in International Journal of Psychology, abstract:
      Our experience of using onto psychological cinemology based on using films shows that it is an effective way to identify discrepancies between the person's rational beliefs and authentic needs.