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circum- +‎ coronene. From the coronene molecule's ring of fused benzene rings being completely enclosed around its circumference by another outer ring of fused benzene rings.


circumcoronene (plural circumcoronenes)

  1. (organic chemistry) An aromatic hexagonal flat sheet molecule composed of fused benzene rings, 3 benzene rings to a side, 19 rings to a sheet. An outer ring of 12 fused benzene rings surrounds the core coronene. Circumcoronene has the molecular formula C54H18


Coordinate terms[edit]

  • graphene (a large flat sheet composed of fused benzene rings)
  • benzene (the constituent hexagonal rings of 6 carbon atoms; 1 ring flat sheet molecule)
  • coronene (the hexagonal flat sheet molecule of 2 benzene rings to a side, 7 rings to a sheet)
  • hexabenzocoronene / HBC (the molecule that results if every other outer fused benzene ring were removed from circumcoronene, leaving 6 outer rings instead of 12)

Derived terms[edit]