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cis- +‎ -ness


cisness (uncountable)

  1. The quality of being cisgender.
    • 2018, Julian Gill-Peterson, Histories of the Transgender Child, unnumbered page:
      What's more, the assumed cisness of children during that century means that alongside Val and the other trans children in this book were countless, unnamed others whose experience is still hidden from view.
    • 2019, Morgan Lev Edward Holleb, The A-Z of Gender and Sexuality: From Ace to Ze, page 69:
      Cisgender is assumed to be the “default” identity; mainstream culture is saturated with cisness and cisnormativity.
    • 2020, LJ, "Who Needs Gender?", in Non-Binary Lives: An Anthology of Intersecting Identities (eds. Benjamin Vincent, Jos Twist, Kat Gupta, & Meg-John Barker), page 64:
      But inevitably, my cisness crumbled, and with it, my belief in the usefulness of gender itself.
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