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From late 17th century French clair (clear) + alience (smelling).


clairalience (uncountable)

  1. the ability to acquire psychic knowledge by means of smelling.
    • 2017, Karlene Stange, The Spiritual Nature of Animals: A Country Vet Explores the Wisdom, Compassion, and Souls of Animals:
      An episode of clairalience occurred for me during an animal communication with a dog that had chronic eosinophilic pneumonopathy, a lung disease that was causing congestion and thick nasal discharge. I received a distinctly rank odor associated with the nests of pack rats that the client had found under the bathtub and pantry in her old home.
    • 2021, Shelley F. Knight, Good Grief: The A To Z Approach Of Modern Day Grief Healing:
      To develop your clairalience, small everything! Do not turn your nose up to the opportunity of smelling the world after rainfall, flowers on a walk, fruit and vegetables in the supermarket, puts during cuddles, coffee in the morning, cooking smells in the evening, candles and incense.
    • 2021, Carla Camins Macapinlac, Vade Mecum: An Always-Present Guide to Your Divine Path:
      Many people suddenly smell a scent from an unidentified source that reminds them of a loved one who has passed. This is more common than we realize, regardless of whether these are examples of clairalience.
    • 2021, Vincent Higginbotham, How Witchcraft Saved My Life:
      Sometimes, clairalience can be an early indicator of something. As with any clairsense, it can come in handy when loved ones are in trouble.


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