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claustrophile (plural claustrophiles)

  1. A person who has the condition of claustrophilia, a love of closed-in spaces.
    • 2000, Nicola Cuti, Spin a Web of Death[1]:
      Since I am a claustrophile, I actually feel more secure in small cluttered spaces, I preferred to guide both ships from the Windsinger.
    • 2002, Xiaobin Yang, The Chinese Postmodern[2]:
      The question is disputable to what extent Xu Ruhua, the claustrophile who finally confines herself in a cagelike room, can be identified with Can Xue the author.
    • 2003, James Zug, Squash[3]:
      Many of the racquetball courts were new—because the game was new—and had attractive glass back walls in the middle of a health club, not dingy courts in the basement of a club that only a claustrophile would enjoy.


Derived terms[edit]