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click-thru (countable and uncountable, plural click-thrus)

  1. Alternative form of click-through
    • 2005, Nadeem Brown, Dirty Little Secret[1], iUniverse, ISBN 9780595374212:
      Usually a clickthru has rules for how a text link can appear.
    • 2006, Valery A. Petrushin, Latifur Khan, Multimedia Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery[2], Springer, ISBN 9781846284366, page 453:
      The click-thru measurement is an immensely popular way of rating banners and advertising campaigns.
    • 2008, Jerri L. Ledford, Google AdSense for Dummies[3], John Wiley & Sons, ISBN 9780470292891:
      Remember Click-thru rate (CTR) is the number of people who click on an ad …
    • 2009, Andrew Skelly, The Amazing Millionaire Formula[4], ISBN 9780981241104, page 186:
      Think of it this way: a website can't get a click-thru without someone first clicking on an ad or a button which leads to a sale.
    • 2010 October 18, Michael Brunner, “CMOs: Stake A Claim On A System of Accountability”, in Forbes Magazine[5], retrieved 2012-09-07:
      And, while things like Web traffic, click-thru rates, retweets-even short-term sales spikes-don't define success, …
    • 2012, B. Smyth, Joaquim Filipe, José Cordeiro, editor, Web Information Systems and Technologies[6], Springer, ISBN 9783642280818, page 27:
      - Selections (or Click-thrus) — that is, a user selects a search result …