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click +‎ wheel


click wheel (plural click wheels)

  1. The combination button/scroll wheel selection device of some iPods.
    • 2004, Aya Brokering-Iwata (tr.), Yasukuni Notomi (author), iPod Fan Book: go everywhere with iPod, O'Reilly, →ISBN, page 42,
      If you have a new fourth-generation Click Wheel iPod, you can even make multiple On-The-Go Playlists.
    • 2005, Brian Tiemann, iPod + iTunes for Windows and Mac in a Snap, Sams Publishing, →ISBN, page 6,
      4G—Fourth-generation iPod. Dock connector on the bottom. Integrated “click wheel” interface with the four control buttons embedded under the directional points of the touch-sensitive navigation wheel. 20GB or 40GB capacity.
    • 2006, Scott Sigler, Earthcore, Dragon Moon Press, →ISBN, page 36,
      The [sic] thumbed the iPod's click-wheel until the display read “The Donnas – Take Me to the Backseat.”