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From clitor(is) +‎ -ial.



clitorial (comparative more clitorial, superlative most clitorial)

  1. Clitoral.
    • 1958, Terry Southern & Mason Hoffenberg, Candy:
      "Good!" he said. "Now I just want to test these clitorial reflexes – often enough, that's where trouble strikes first."
    • 1999, Wendy Lesser, The Amateur:
      Thus we would be likely to believe that no one before us had ever argued for school desegregation, worried about the apolitical masses, lived in split-level houses, used automated tools, got sick because of mislabeling, got well because of tetracycline, slept on Posturepedic beds, favored clitorial sex, laughed at Scientologists, mocked Interpol….
    • 2013, Amitava Pal and Rupali Modak, Practical Manual of Gynecology, page 254:
      In normal woman these clitorial diameters are in the range of 5 mm.