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clockwise +‎ -ly


clockwisely (not comparable)

  1. (rare, nonstandard) Clockwise.
    • 1907, Charles Remelius, "Shop Prints of the Public Service Corporation of New Jersey", Street Railway Journal, volume XXX, page 1142:
      When Near Brushholder and Top Field are Plus, Armature Rotates Clockwisely, and the Car moves to the left.
    • 1967, Scott Symons, Combat Journal for Place D'Armes, Voyageur Classics (2010), page 82:
      …I can still name them — at least the major ones — clockwisely, from St. James Street side….
    • 2012, Joshua Brody et al., "Space-Efficient Approximation Scheme for Circular Earth Mover Distance", in David Fernández-Baca (ed.), LATIN 2012: Theoretical Informatics, Springer, →ISBN, page 100:
      We can imagine that the Δ points in [Δ] are drawn clockwisely on a circle of circumference Δ, in the order 0, 1, 2, …, Δ − 1, such that every two adjacent points have distance 1 on the circle.

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