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Ateles paniscus

Alternative forms[edit]


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coaita (plural coaitas)

  1. (dated) Any of certain South American monkeys of the genus Ateles, especially Ateles paniscus.
    • 1830, Unnamed translator, Georges Louis Leclerc, The Natural History of Quadrupeds, [1749–1804, Histoire Naturelle, générale et particulière, avec la description du Cabinet du Roi], Volume 3, page 338,
      All these facts, even the worms in the intestines, correspond with our coaitas. [] It is obvious, therefore, that the exquima of Marcgrave is a sapajou of the same species, or, at least, of a species very nearly allied to that of the coaita.
    • 1866, The Boys' Journal, Volume 6, page 36,
      Even the coaita, screened by the intervention of the bodies, had, for the time, ceased to utter its cries of alarm.
    • 1896, Henry Ogg Forbes, A Hand-book to the Primates[1], volume 1, page 230:
      The flesh of the Coaitas is much esteemed by the natives in this part of the country [] .


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