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code +‎ -wise


codewise (not comparable)

  1. In terms of code or a specific code.
    • 1937, Olga Johanna Martin, Hollywood's movie commandments, page 106:
      A theme may be, in itself, perfectly moral, but if the plot is replete with offensive and unacceptable details, the entire story becomes unacceptable codewise.
    • 1962, IEEE transactions on computers: Volume 11
      The four symbols are designated 1, 2, 3 and 4 and their codes are 0001, 0111, 1101 and 1100, respectively, as shown on the map in Fig. 4. Note that only symbols 3 and 4 are codewise adjacent.
    • 2006, Wesley Chun, Core Python Programming
      So what is really happening codewise? During runtime, the interpreter attempts to execute all the code within the try statement.