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coffee-pot (plural coffee-pots)

  1. Alternative form of coffee pot
    • 1818, Friedrich Trenck, The Life of Baron Frederic Trenck, page 267:
      The German looked round, and missed the coffee-pot; but the other Jew told him, “Do not be uneasy, my friend, go with me, and I will make my comrade give you back your coffee-pot".
    • 2005, Peter Hyland, The Herculaneum Pottery: Liverpool's Forgotten Glory, page 136:
      A matching new oval coffee-pot was available.
    • 2013, Louis Eustache Audot, Domestic French Cookery:
      If you intend to make half a dozen cups of coffee for drinking, measure six cups of water of the same size, and put the water into the coffee-pot.