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cohærent (comparative more cohærent, superlative most cohærent)

  1. Archaic spelling of coherent.
    • 1766 CE, David Lloyd, State⸗⸗Worthies: or, The Statesmen and Favourites of England from the Reformation to the Revolution (J. Robson); volume II, “Obſervations on the Life of the Lord Herbert of Cherbury”, page #340:
      A treatiſe of truth, written in French, ſo highly prized beyond the ſeas, and (they ſay) it is extant at this day with great honour in the pope’s vatican ; and an hiſtory of king Henry the eighth ; wherein his collections are full and authentick ; his obſervation judicious ; his connexion ſtrong and cohærent, and the whole exact.