coign of vantage

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Alternative forms[edit]


coign of vantage (plural coigns of vantage)

  1. a good position for observation, judgment, criticism, action, etc.
    • 1818 Walter Scott The Heart of Midlothian p.70 seemed as if the traders had occupied with nests, bearing the same proportion to the building, every buttress and coign of vantage, as the martlet in Macbeth’s Castle.
    • 1867: A description of the Theatre Royal, Cork (Illustrated London News, Vol LI, p.394)
      ...a spacious gallery, from which latter coign of vantage an excellent view of the stage is afforded
    • 1895 A description of the 1895-6 FA Cup First Round match between Southampton St. Mary's and Sheffield Wednesday at the Antelope Ground (David Bull, Bob Brunskill, Match of the Millenium, 2000)
      The enclosure was encircled by a dense and perfect sea of faces. Every coign of vantage had been monopolised, windows and house tops not excepted