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collectivist +‎ -ic


collectivistic (comparative more collectivistic, superlative most collectivistic)

  1. Of or pertaining to collectivism.
    • 1890, Political Science Quarterly, volume 5, number 1, page 167:
      Public contributions, i.e. taxes, are only one form of value — collectivistic value.
    • 1895, The Citizen, page 398:
      It is, then, as a treatise of social forces, individualistic and collectivistic, in German literature that Francke's work must be tested, not as a history of the artistic form and content of that literature.
    • 2001, David Matsumoto, The Handbook of Culture and Psychology, page 395:
      People in individualistic cultures may be more concerned with distributive justice than people in collectivistic cultures because they have such clear-cut notions of individual equity.