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comœdy (plural comœdies)

  1. Archaic spelling of comedy.
    • 1619, Lewis Richome (Louis Richeome) [aut.] and C.A. [tr.], Holy Pictures of the myſticall Figures of the moſt holy Sacrifice and Sacrament of the Euchariſt, the tenth picture: “The Propitiatory Sacrifice”, § 7: ‘The Sacrifice of the Maſſe, and the Sacraments, rather giue then take any honor from the Croſſe’, page 197:
      For in outward ſhew nothing appeares, but infirmity, to the eyes of Infidels, neither will they beleeue, that our Sauiour can make his body there preſent; it alſo ſeemes to them impiety, and therefore they call it Idolatry; it appeares to them nothing, but folly, and therefore they mocke at it, as if it were a Comœdy; whereas, notwithſtanding, it is an action of the Sonne of God, and the moſt godly worke of Piety and Religion, that is in the Church.