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comb +‎ jelly


combjelly (plural combjellies)

  1. Alternative spelling of comb jelly
    • 1875, P. H. P. S., “Haeckel’s History of Creation”, Nature, volume 13, page 122:
      Ctenophora = Combjellies.
    • 1995, Sardul S. Guraya, “The Comparative Cell Biology of Accessory Somatic (or Sertoli) Cells in the Animal Testis”, International Review of Cytology, volume 160, page 169:
      Thin processes of Sertoli cells occur between spermatogenic cells of the ctenophore, combjelly (Beroe ovata; Franc, 1973).
    • 2007, Mikhail A. Fedonkin et al., The Rise of Animals, Johns Hopkins University Press, →ISBN, page 239:
      […]some of the petalonameans share similarities with living ctenophores, the combjellies[…].