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come at +‎ -able


come-at-able (comparative more come-at-able, superlative most come-at-able)

  1. Easily accessible.
    • before steamboats made Greenwich so come-at-able there were many families of distinction who resided there and in its environs — especially in the autumn of the year, when the river offered much amusement.Frederick Marryat, "Poor Jack", 1840.
  2. Capable of being reached, fetched or attained.
    • After these came a second set; among the most come-at-able of whom were Mrs. and Miss Bates, and Mrs. Goddard, three ladies almost always at the service of an invitation from Hartfield, and who were fetched and carried home so often, that Mr. Woodhouse thought it no hardship for either James or the horses. Jane Austen, Emma, Vol. I, Ch. 3 (1815).