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commercial +‎ -ity


commerciality (countable and uncountable, plural commercialities)

  1. (business) Ability to produce a profit.
    • 1976 May, Steve Chapple; Robert Garofalo, Joel Rogers, “The Rise and Fall of FM Rock”, in Mother Jones, volume 1, number 3, page 61:
      after Tom Donahue started KMPX, the Metromedia conglomerate recognized the potential commerciality of FM rock.
    • 1986, Michael Golan; Curtis H. Whitson, Well Performance, page 9:
      In early feasibility studies, production forecasts are used to study the commerciality of a field, to plan strategy for field development, and so forth.
    • 2003, Roger A. Shiner, Freedom of Commercial Expression, page 160:
      'commercial speech' can merit constitutional protection by serving traditional free speech values while having its commerciality taken into account.


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