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companionability (plural companionabilities)

  1. The state of being companionable, suitability for companionship.
    • 1988 April 15, Laura Molzahn, “Labor Movement”, in Chicago Reader[1]:
      The whole effort was greater than the sum of the individual parts, and there was a nice fellow feeling between these people, an unforced companionability.
    • 1921, Charles A. Murdock, A Backward Glance at Eighty[2]:
      With strong unconventionality and a somewhat abrupt manner, he was genial and kindly in his feelings, with warm affections and great companionability.
    • 1898, James Fullarton Muirhead, The Land of Contrasts[3]:
      He will find that her frank and charming companionability is as far removed from masculinity as from coarseness; that the points in which she differs from the European lady do not bring her nearer either to a man on the one hand, or to a common woman on the other.