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concert +‎ -ize


concertize (third-person singular simple present concertizes, present participle concertizing, simple past and past participle concertized)

  1. (US) To perform in concerts
    • 1915, Harriette Brower, Piano Mastery[1]:
      I have been concertizing for the last three years, and studying alone.
    • 1988 October 14, Dennis Polkow, “Serkin and Solti”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      Of the great romantic pianists, Vladimir Horowitz and Serkin are the only ones still actively concertizing.
  2. To adapt to the concert form
    • 2007 May 12, Jon Pareles, “A New Style for Portugal’s Old Fado, but the Songs Are Still Full of Emotion”, in New York Times[3]:
      It was concertized folk music, complete with cello, but it had spirit.