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conformable +‎ -ly


conformably (comparative more conformably, superlative most conformably)

  1. With or in conformity; suitably; agreeably.
    • 1748, Hume, David, “Of Miracles”, in An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding:
      One, who in our climate, should expect better weather in any week of June than in one of December, would reason justly, and conformably to experience; but it is certain, that he may happen, in the event, to find himself mistaken.
    • 1806 July 12, “Article of Charge of High Crimes and Misdemeanors Committed by Richard Colley Marquis Wellesley, in His Transactions with Respect to the Rajahs and Zemindars in the Doab; and Particularly in His Transactions with Respect to the Rajah Bugwunt Sing, Zemindar of Sasnee and Bigjeghur, and the Rajah Kakoor Addkeerin, Zemindar of Cutchoura”, in Cobbett's Weekly Political Register, volume 10, number 2, page 62:
      [] the said Rajah, intimidated by these threats, "having consented to acquiesce in any terms which might be proposed"—That an arrangement was accordingly made, and a settlement agreed to; and the said Rajah was about to give up his guns and ammunition, and evacuate his fort of Cutchoura, conformably to the humiliating and oppressive terms which he had been compelled to accept []
    • 2019 February 14, Punay, Edu, “Globaltech: PCSO defied CA on Peryahan games”, in The Philippine Star[1]:
      Globaltech also urged PCSO to abide by the CA order to “forthwith submit themselves to arbitration conformably with the terms of their written agreement.”