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cookbook +‎ -ery


cookbookery (uncountable)

  1. (derogatory) The application of (especially mathematical) techniques learned by rote, without proper understanding or consideration.
    • 1964, Caribbean quarterly: Volumes 10-11
      In this degenerate laboratory work, in this cookbookery of a ritual of recipes, the aim is not to do an honest experiment but to get the "right" answer.
    • 1968, Anglo American Corporation of South Africa, Optima: Volume 18
      Most of the New Math is just what the Old Math was — cookbookery. The difference is that the cookbooks are newer, more up to date — which may be a good thing, if cookbookery is what you want.
    • 1992, Samuel Kotz, Norman Lloyd Johnson, Breakthroughs in Statistics: Methodology and distribution
      The problem of cookbookery is not peculiar to data analysis. But the solution of concentrating upon mathematics and proof is.